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Jun 30 2014

PhD Theses

The theses worked out outside ICT are not recorded till 2005 and marked by * since 2006


*Daniela Rimnacova: A Study on Atmospheric Nucleation and its Mechanisms. Long-term measurements of aerosol particle size distribution in Prague – Suchdol and interpretation of their dynamics (supervisor: Dr. Vladimir Zdimal, ICPF) (abstract)
*Ales Vitek: Monte Carlo simulations of complex microsystems (supervisor: doc. Rene Kalus) (abstract)
Daniel Ondo: Thermodynamic study of mutual interactions of ionic liquids, their precursors, and cyclodextrins in aqueous solutions (supervisor: doc. Vladimir Dohnal) (abstract)
Ondrej Vopicka: Diffusion coefficients of organic compounds and their mixtures in polymers (supervisor: Ing. Vladimir Hynek) (abstract)
Alena Randova: Studies of interactions between a polymer membrane and a liquid environment (supervisor: doc. Lidmila Bartovska) (abstract)
*Viliam Kolivoska: Preparation, charakterization and study of electron transfer in self-organized structures on solid electrodes (supervisor: Dr. Magdalena Hromadova) (abstract)
Jana Dreiseitlova: Liquid-liquid equilibria in binary and ternary systems (supervisor: doc. Karel Rehak) (abstract)


Pavel Moravek: Statistical-therodynamical study of hard diatomic molecules (supervisor: doc. Jiri Kolafa) (abstract)


Petr Milko: Interaction of redox-active molecules with copper and iron (supervisor: Ing. Jana Roithova) (abstract)
Zuzana Johansson (born Reckova): Liquid-liquid equilibria in ternary system (supervisor: doc Karel Rehak) (abstract)
Jaroslava Moravkova (born Machkova): Sorption of organic comounds in polymer membranes (supervisor: doc. Milan Sipek) (abstract)
*Karlicky Frantisek: Numerical methods of solving the Schroedinger equation for a system of many bosons (supervisor: prof. Anatol Malijevsky) (abstract)
Milan Bernauer: Study of air-water partitioning of organic substances (supervisor: doc. Vladimir Dohnal) (abstract)


Magda Francova: A contribution to the statistical thermodynamics of model fluids (supervisor: prof. Anatol Malijevsky) (abstract)
Vit Meistr: Use of simple equations of state for description of phase equlibria and state behavior of fluid systems (supervisor: doc. P. Vonka) (abstract)
Jan Picalek: Molecular dynamics simulation and modeling of ionic liquids (supervisor: doc. Jiri Kolafa) (abstract)
Zuzana Sedlakova: Solid–Liquid Equilibrium in Ternary Systems with H-bond (supervisor: Dr. Ivona Malijevska) (abstract)


Pavel Hyncica: Partial molar volume of aliphatic alcohols at infinite diluted aqueous solutions at temperatures from 298 K to 573 K and at pressures up to 30 MPa (supervisor: doc. I.Cibulka) (abstract)


Jitka Strofova: Calculation of Chemical Equilibrium at Deposition of AIIIBV Compounds from Gaseous Phase (supervisor: doc. P. Vonka) (abstract)
*Katerina Fialova: Study of transport phenomena in polymer membrane in pervaporation and permeation of vapors (supervisor: Dr. Petr Uchytil) (abstract)
*Alexandr Babic: Experimental determination of liquid-vapor phase equilibria in liquid systems of carbon dioxide with aliphatic alcohols (supervisor: Dr. Karel Aim) (abstract)
*Jiri Cerny: Biomolecules in the ground and electronically excited state (supervisor: prof. Ing. Pavel Hobza , DrSc.) (abstract)


Pavla Dohanyosova: Experimental study od aqueous solubility of strongly hydrophobic compounds (supervisor: doc. V. Dohnal) (abstract)
Zdenka Kolska: Estimation of the enthalpy and entropy of vaporization of pure organic compounds by a group contribution method (supervisor: prof. V. Ruzicka) (abstract)


Bumba J.: The Dieterici-type equations of state: Comparison and the global phase diagrams. (supervisor: RNDr. J. Kolafa) (abstract)
Fulem M.: Measurement of vapour pressure by the static method (supervisor: prof. V. Ruzicka) (abstract)


Abrman P.: Thermodynamic aspects of the preparation process of thin films in the system Bi-Sr-Ca-Cu-O using the MOCVD method (supervisor: doc. P. Vonka) (abstract)
Bendova M.: Thermodynamics properties of liquid mixtures containing N,N-dimethylformamide, methanol and hydrocarbons (supervisor: doc. J. Matous) (abstract)
Malijevsky A.: Density functional theory in the statistical theory of fluids (supervisor: prof. S. Labik) (abstract)


Censky M.: Thermodynamic quantities of dilute aqueous solutions of benzene derivatives in a broad range of temperatures and pressures (supervisors: doc. V. Ruzicka, prof. V. Majer) (abstract)
Friess K.: Determination of transport parameters of organic compounds and their mixtures through polymer membranes (supervisor: doc. M. Sipek) (abstract)
Izak P.: Pervaporation of liquid organic mixtures (supervisor: doc. M. Sipek)
Rohac V.: Experimental study and description of vapor-liquid and vapor-solid phase equilibria of organic polutants with high boiling points (supervisor: doc. V. Ruzicka) (abstract)


Jirasek V.: A new method for solution of integral equations for linear diatomic molecules (supervisor: doc. S. Labik)
Polednicek M.: Development of instruments for obtaining thermodynamic data in systems of environmental and energetic interest (supervisors: doc. V. Ruzicka, prof. V. Majer) (abstract)
Hovorka S.: Experimental determination of air-water partitioning for volatile organic compounds. (supervisor: doc. V. Dohnal) (abstract)


Kalus R.: Chemical reactions of van der Waals molecules: Study of early phases of homonuclear nucleation of rare gases using the quasiclasical trajectories method (supervisor: prof. A. Malijevsky)
Vrbka P.: Limiting activity coefficients in binary systems of 1-alkanols with n-alkanes and water. (supervisor: doc. V. Dohnal) (abstract)


Cechova M.: Measurement and correlation of interfacial tension in systems of partially miscible liquids (supervisor: doc. L. Bartovska)
Obsil M.: Volumetric properties aqueous 1:1, 1:2 and 2:1 electrolytes up to critical region of water (supervisor: doc. I. Cibulka)


Barosova M.: Statistical thermodynamic study of binary mixtures of hard spheres kouli (supervisor: prof. A. Malijevsky)


Basarova P.: Problems of calculation of heats of evaporation by the structure contribution method (supervisor: doc. V. Svoboda)
Sedlbauer J.: The bridge function of homogeneous and inhomogeneous hard-body fluids (supervisor: doc. S. Labik)


Polasek M.: Study of equilibrium states during chemical deposition of silicon from a gas phase (supervisor: prof. C. Cerny)
Kodytek V.: Theories of solutions of 2 - 2 electrolytes (supervisor: prof. A. Malijevsky)
Oldrich J.: Thermodynamic aspects of turbo-compressors (supervisor: prof. A. Malijevsky)


Hnedkovsky L.: Densities and heat capacities of dilute aqueous solutions of nonelectrolytes at high temperatures and high pressures (supervisor: prof. R. Wood)
Jirasek J.: Transport parameters of gases and vapors through polymer membranes (supervisor: doc. M. Sipek)
Rehak K.: Phase equilibria in the phenol + tetrahydrofurane + water system and their thermodynamic description. (supervisor: prof. J. Novak) (abstract)


Ruzicka K.: Database of physical and chemical quantities CDATA (supervisor: doc. S. Labik) (abstract)

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