Welcome in the World of modern chemistry
ICT Prague
Welcome to the World of Modern Chemistry

The Institute of Chemical Technology, Prague (ICT) is the biggest educational institution of its kind in Central Europe. Its tradition of almost 200 years combined with progressive fields of study and a good international repute allows every student to get in touch with advanced technologies and make use of foreign student exchanges, and it offers a prospect of a prestigious and highly remunerative professional career both in the Czech Republic and abroad.

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30. 1. 2014
BioTech2014 & 6th Czech-Swiss Symposium with Exhibition

ICT Prague with partners organizes an international conference BioTech2014 & 6th Czech-Swiss Symposium with Exhibition (www.biotech2014.cz). BioTech 2014 will concentrate on microbial biotechnology, the key technology for bio-based economies. Invitation card286 kB
Date: 11-14 June 2014
Venue: National Technical Library


News & Events

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