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Prof. Karel Melzoch, Ph.D.

Curriculum vitae


Prof. Karel Melzoch, Ph.D.

(born 07.06.1958)


University of Chemistry and Technology Prague

Department of Biotechnology

Technicka 5, Prague 6, 166 28, Czech Republic

Tel :       +420 220 443 824

Fax:       +420 220 445 018




1982    MSc. degree (Ing.), UCT Prague

1989    Ph.D. degree in Fermentation Chemistry and Technology, UCT Prague

1997    Associate Professor in the field of Biotechnology, UCT Prague

2007    Professor of Biotechnology, UCT Prague


Area of Specialisation:

Biotechnology, Fermentation Chemistry and Technology, Bioengineering


Position held:

1989 - 1997     Assistant Professor at the Department of Fermentation Chemistry and Bioengineering, UCT Prague

1997 - 2006     Vice-dean of Faculty of Food and Biochemistry Technology, UCT Prague

2002 – 2011    Head of the Department of Fermentation Chemistry and Bioengineering, UCT Prague

2006 – 2011    Dean of Faculty of Food and Biochemistry Technology UCT Prague

since 2012       Rector of University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague


Study Stays Abroad:

1986    2 month stay at Department of Industrial Biotechnology, Institute of Chemical Technology, Moscow, USSR (Bilateral agreement)

1990    6 month stay at the Department of Microbiology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Bilateral Agreement of Governments)

1993    6 month stay at the Department of Microbiology, University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands (Tempus mobility)

1996    3 month stay at the INETI Lisbon, Portugal (Copernicus)


Research and Experience:

Bioproduction of ethanol, butanol, lactic acid, biomass, ergosterol, antibiotics etc.

Production of alternative biofuels

Biorefinery (biomass treatment and exploitation)

Waste management, exploitation of wastes from agriculture and food processing


Methods of microbial cultivation, integrated fermentation systems

Down-stream processing

Knowledge-based control and modelling of bioprocesses

Immobilization of microbial cells

Microbial physiology



Supervisor of Bachelor, Diploma and PhD. Theses. Lectures from Down-stream processing in Biotechnology and participation in several other subjects of Department and Faculty.


R&D Projects (as a coordinator):

Biorefinery Research Centre of Competence, TE01010080. 2012-2018. Founded by Technology Agency of the Czech Republic to promote the development between the public and private sectors "Centres of competence".

Conversion of wheat straw and other lignocellulose materials into ethanol, ME10146. 2010-2012. Collaborative project with Tsinghua University, Beijing, China. Founded by Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports in frame of KONTAKT.

Design of biobutanol production technology and its evaluation in a pilot scale, FRTI1/218. 2009-2012. Collaborative project with VUOS, a.s. Founded by Ministry of Industry and Trade in frame of TIP.

Biobutanol as a promising and renewable source for transportation, QH8123. 2008-2010. Founded by National Agency for Agriculture Research.

Large-scale implementation of an optimum technology for high-productivity processes with recombinant methylotrophic yeasts, OPTYTECH. 2005-2007. Collaborative project with Zurich University of Applied Sciences (CH), Lonza Biotec (CZ) and Lonza Visp (CH).

Analysis of dynamic of microbial populations by optical methods, 535/0/0375. Founded by Grant Agency of the Czech Republic, 2003-2005.

and others.


Bibliography - source Web of Science (Web of Knowledge)

Number of hits:                                                   57

Amount of citations (without auto-citations):    347

h-index (Hirsch):                                                 11


Publications (selected):

Paulova, L; Patakova, P; Rychtera, M; Melzoch, K: High solid fed-batch SSF with delayed inoculation for improved production of bioethanol from wheat straw. FUEL 122: 294-300 (2014).

Fribert, P; Paulova, L; Patakova, P; Rychtera, M; Melzoch, K: Alternative methods for separation of liquid biofuels from the medium during fermentation. CHEMICKE LISTY 107: 843-847 (2013).

Jaisamut, K; Paulova, L; Patakova, P; Rychtera, M; Melzoch, K: Optimization of alkali pretreatment of wheat straw to be used as substrate for biofuels production. PLANT SOIL AND ENVIRONMENT, 59, 537-542 (2013).

Hyka, P; Lickova, S; Pribyl, P; Melzoch, K; Kovar, K: Flow cytometry for the development of biotechnological processes with microalgae. BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES 31: 2-16 (2013).

Patakova, P; Linhova, M; Rychtera, M; Paulova, L; Melzoch, K: Novel and neglected issues of acetone-butanol-ethanol (ABE) fermentation by clostridia: Clostridium metabolic diversity, tools for proces mapping and continuous fermentation systems. BIOTECHNOLOGY ADVANCES 31: 58-67 (2013).

Paulova L., Hyka P., Branska B., Melzoch K., Kovar K.: Use of a mixture of glucose and methanol as substrates for the production of recombinant trypsinogen in continuous cultures with Pichia pastoris Mut(+). Journal of Biotechnology, 157: 180-188 (2012).

Rezanka, T; Siristova, L; Melzoch, K; Sigler, K: N-Acylated Bacteriohopanehexol-Mannosamides from the Thermophilic Bacterium Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris. LIPIDS 46: 249-261 (2011).

Patáková P., Maxa D., Rychtera M., Linhová L., Fribert P., Mužíková Z., Lipovský J., Paulová L., Pospíšil M. Šebor G., Melzoch K.: Perspectives of biobutanol production and use. In Biofuel`s engineering process technology, Bernandes M.A.D.S. (ed.), ISBN 978-953-307-480-1, InTech, Rijeka, Croatia (2011).

Paulova L., Jaisamut K., Patakova P., Rychtera M., Melzoch K.: Production of bioethanol from biomass and waste materials based on cellulose, Chemagazin, 21: 8-10 (2011).

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Branska, B., Linhova M., Patakova P., Paulova L., Melzoch K.: Fluorescence analysis as a tool for determination of viability of microorganisms, Chemicke Listy 105: 586-593 (2011).

Paulova L., Pavlova E., Olaan V., Jaisamut K., Lipovska J., Rychtera M., Melzoch K.: Lignocellulose based materials as feedstocks for bioethanol production, Chemagazin 20: 16-18 (2010).

Rezanka, T; Siristova, L; Melzoch, K; Sigler, K: Hopanoids in Bacteria and Cyanobacteria - Their Role in Cellular Biochemistry and Physiology, Analysis and Occurrence. MINI-REV ORG CHEM 7: 300-313 (2010).

Hyka, P; Zullig, T; Ruth, C; Looser, V; Meier, C; Klein, J; Melzoch, K; Meyer, HP; Glieder, A; Kovar, K: Combined Use of Fluorescent Dyes and Flow Cytometry To Quantify the Physiological State of Pichia pastoris during the Production of Heterologous Proteins in High-Cell-Density Fed-Batch Cultures. APPL ENVIRON MICROBIOL 76: 4486-4496 (2010).

Linhova, M; Patakova, P; Lipovsky, J; Fribert, P; Paulova, L; Rychtera, M; Melzoch, K: Development of Flow Cytometry Technique for Detection of Thinning of Peptidoglycan Layer as a Result of Solvent Production by Clostridium pasteurianum. FOLIA MICROBIOL 55: 340-344 (2010).

Patakova, P; Lipovsky, J; Cizkova, H; Fortova, J; Rychtera, M; Melzoch, K: Exploitation of Food Feedstock and Waste for Production of Biobutanol. CZECH J FOOD SCI 27: 276-283 (2009).

Rezanka, T; Siristova, L; Melzoch, K; Sigler, K: Direct ESI-MS analysis of O-acyl glycosylated cardiolipins from the thermophilic bacterium Alicyclobacillus acidoterrestris. CHEM PHYS LIPIDS 161: 115-121 (2009).

Kabelova, I; Dvorakova, M; Cizkova, H; Dostalek, P; Melzoch, K: Determination of free amino acids in cheeses from the Czech market. CZECH J FOOD SCI 27: 143-150, (2009).

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Lapisova, K; Vlcek, R; Klozova, J; Rychtera, M; Melzoch, K: Separation techniques for distillery stillage treatment. CZECH J FOOD SCI 24: 261-267 (2006).

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