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Chemistry and Technology (Faculty of Environmental Technology)

Chemistry and Technology (Faculty of Environmental Technology)

At the Faculty of Environmental Technology, studies cover all fundamental areas of chemistry and environmental chemistry and all related disciplines such as ecology, hydrochemistry, wastewater treatment, atmospheric chemistry, and environmental microbiology. The principle of sustainable development represents an important part of the study curriculum with a special emphasis on its biological, chemical, and technological aspects.



The main aim of this study programme is to prepare graduates for Master studies at UCT Prague as well as for qualified positions in specialized workplaces. Graduates have excellent theoretical knowledge, practical skills, and experience in basic natural scientific disciplines. Due to a broad selection of semi-optional and elective courses, graduates of the programme can pursue careers in many branches of human activity. Graduates find employment in administrative institutions; in industrial and agriculture companies; in research, development and design institutions; and in customs and transportation companies. They are prepared for positions in the communication media sector requiring an engineering approach to ecological problems as well as for managerial positions.


Students can choose one of two specializations offered by this faculty.

Specializace - Sustainability and Environmental Engineering

In addition to the core study programme, students focus on environmental chemistry and engineering; water, soil and air contamination; toxicology; and ecotoxicology. They will also undergo training in laboratories focused on various aspects of environmental analysis. → více

Specializace - Fuels processing and utilization

In addition to the core study programme, students focus on fuel production, analysis, and power engineering (including nuclear) with respect to related pollution control. → více

Detaily programu

Jazyk výuky Anglický
Doba studia 3 roky
Forma studia Prezenční
Místo studia Prague
Kapacita 20 studentů
Kód programu AB208

Technická 5
166 28 Praha 6 – Dejvice
IČO: 60461373
DIČ: CZ60461373

Datová schránka: sp4j9ch

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