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UCT Prague’s Rector Signs Cooperation Memoranda with Leading Universities in Taiwan

Podpis memoranda o spolupráci VŠCHT A NTUT

Prague, 8 September 2020 – The University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, has new international partners. During a trip to Taiwan last week as member of an official Czech national delegation, UCT Prague Rector Pavel Matějka signed three memoranda for cooperation and international student exchange with National Tsing Hua University (168th place in the US Global World Ranking 2021); National Taipei University of Technology (488th place); and the oldest private institution in Taiwan, Tunghai University.

In addition to these ceremonial actions, Rector Matějka discussed possibilities for cooperation in the areas of biomedical research and the circular economy with the Industrial Technology Research Institute and established new contacts with Academia Sinica, Taiwan’s equivalent to the Czech Academic of Sciences. Matějka’s agenda also included a meeting with representatives of National CHung Hsing University, UCT’s Prague’s long-time research collaborator. Last but not least, Rector Matějka met with representatives of National Chiao Tung University, who has previously been collaborating with UCT Prague in the field of supramolecular chemistry.

“Cooperation with universities in Taiwan is not new for UCT Prague and we have had very positive experiences both in terms of collaboration on individual research projects and student exchanges. However, personal contacts with the leaders of individual universities and research institutions give this cooperation a new institutional dimension, enabling us to spread this across our faculties, creating favourable circumstances for student exchanges,” Rector Matějka said.

Universities and research institutions in Taiwan have close ties to Taiwan’s advanced IT companies engaged in Industry 4.0 practices, whose products are recognized the world over. “This will undoubtedly contribute to the attractiveness of internships for our students. This cooperation with research institutions in Taiwan is significantly supported by the Economy, Trade, Science, and Research section of the Czech Economic and Cultural Office Taipei,” Rector Matějka said. “Many thanks to Marie Leflerová, head of this section, who ensured maximally effective use of time during this program-intensive visit.” he added.


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