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General Practitioner’s Office

You must make an appointment in advance to see the UCT General Practitioner for occupational health and safety issues.

  • International students: schedule your appointment with the Department of International Relations (contacts)
  • International employees: schedule through the Welcome Office (contacts)


General information

The UCT Prague General Practitioner’s Office normally deals with occupational health and safety matters related to UCT Prague and an employee.

If you need care from a personal general practitioner or have other questions related to personal health, please contact your insurance provider for assistance:

The UCT Prague’s General Practitioner’s (GP’s) Office is available, only after registration, for issues that extend beyond occupational health and safety only to UCT Prague employees (i.e., those with a legal working arrangement) who are enrolled participants in the Czech public health insurance system, typically through VZP or (less often) OZP, ZP MV ČR, ČPZP, VOZP.

General information about the Czech health insurance system and care provided:

As noted above, you need to schedule an appointment in advance to see the UCT Prague General Practitioner:

  • International students: schedule your appointment with the Department of International Relations coordinator.
  • International employees: schedule through the Welcome Office coordinator.


About the UCT Prague General Practitioner’s Office

The Office typically handles occupational health and safety-related issues for members of the UCT Prague community (employees and students).

It is possible for students and employees who have Czech public health insurance with VZP, OZP, ZP MV CR, ČPZP, or VOZP to use the General Practitioner’s Office as a personal general practitioner (in this case, the UCT Prague GP’s Office will be listed in Czech public insurance system as the only official personal GP in the Czech system). Patients who register for this service can use the Office as their personal medical services provider.

For emergency health issues, UCT Prague employees and students who are not registered officially with the UCT Prague GP’s Office can take advantage of the Office's services. Students and employees who do not have a UCT Prague employment contract and who have private health insurance must pay for any care provided by the UCT Prague GP and can claim a refund for any payments from their private health insurance company.

For students who are registered UCT Prague GP’s Office patients: entrance and exit physicals (required for UCT Prague enrolment and graduation) can be scheduled using the contact information above or can be officially waived after the UCT Prague GP reviews medical records from a previous personal general practitioner.

The Welcome Office provides new international employees with the date for their entrance physicals together with a list of medical records needed for the appointment. Because scheduling an appointment can take more than two weeks, please schedule your entrance health examination as soon as possible, well in advance of your start date.


Operational details

  • International employees and students, even those who speak Czech, must use the contacts listed above to make an appointment. For medical emergencies, go to the ER at a hospital near you.
  • Only patients with EU long-term residence, who are already registered at the UCT Prague GP’s Office, and who speak fluent Czech can make an appointment themselves by phone at: +420 220 44 3217.
  • The Office processes prescriptions, requests for professional examinations, and medical leave notes electronically.



Physician on-site

Sample collection services available

Office hours



7.30 – 10.00




7.30 – 10.00




10.00 – 12.00




7.30 – 10.00




7.30 – 10.00


* 11.30 - 14.00 for UCT Prague workplace/facility visits

During office hours, at least one nurse is present for collecting samples (blood, urine, swabs), giving shots, taking check-up appointment measurements, scheduling appointments, issuing prescriptions approved by the General Practitioner, and handling other administrative tasks.

The Office is in UCT Prague Building C, Floor 4 (address: Studentská 6, 166 28 Prague 6 – Dejvice).


General Practitioner

Alžběta Sacherová, MD (MUDr.)

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