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B/O/963/02/2020 (EN)Checking and record-keeping of study obligations and the use of UCT credit book starting from the academic year 2020/2107.09.2020
Exit clearance form (BA & MA)12.05.2023
A/S/961/4/2022 [EN]Framework rules for the accommodation of foreign students and employees in the dormitories of the University of the UCT Prague03.10.2022
Czech Survival Guide
Freshmen's guide to UCT Prague
Graduation and alumni
Housing at UCT Prague01.11.2022
General instructions for filling ISP02.09.2021
Requirements of doctoral study boards for filling of ISP (how many subjects for each module)14.05.2021
A/V/961/19/2020 (EN)Extension of standard term of study in DSP, connection to full-time / part-time form of study (with regard to COVID19 pandemic in 2020)17.07.202030.09.2023
A/V/961/11/2023 (EN)Organization of the Academic Year 2023/202411.09.202308.11.2024
A/V/961/10/2022 (EN)Organization of the academic year 2022/202312.09.202210.09.2023
A/V/961/10/2019 (EN)Manner of and Deadlines for Submission of Documents for Annual Assessment and Report on Results of Scientific and Professional Activities of DSP Students13.03.2019
A/V/961/13/2022Granting of Scholarships 2022/202312.09.202210.09.2023
A/V/961/6/2023 (EN)Determination of amount of basic doctoral scholarship for the year 2023 01.01.202331.12.2023
A/V/961/5/2023 (EN)Determination of amount of doctoral scholarship for pedagogical activities for the year 202301.01.202331.12.2023
A/S/961/7/2019 (EN)Study abroad rules for students of UCT Prague01.10.2019
A/S/961/6/2021 (EN)Qualification Theses and Execution of State Final Examinations in Bachelor and Master Study Programmes06.09.2021
A/S/961/2/2018 (EN)Rules for submitting and publishing dissertation theses at UCT Prague01.02.2018
A/S/961/13/2018 (EN)Protection and Application of Intellectual Property Rights at UCT Prague05.11.2018
A/S/961/6/2018 (EN)Defence and storage of theses with deferred publishing01.10.2018
A/V/961/7/2023 (EN)Amounts of Fees Related to Study for the Academic Year 2023/202411.09.202318.09.2024
A/V/961/2/2022 (EN)Amounts of Fees Related to Study for the Academic Year 2022/202312.09.202210.09.2023
A/S/961/9/2019 (EN)Rules for entering fees for extended term of study and procedure for appeal against decision on charging a fee01.12.2019
A/N/961/1/2018 (EN)Rules for the use of computers and computer network at the UCT Prague 01.03.2018
Personal Information Policy (Consent to the use of personal data)
Rules of Lifelong Learning at UCT Prague18.09.2017
Study and Examination Rules of the UCT15.06.2022
Study Conditions for Foreigners Studying at the UCT11.09.2017
Conditions of Admission to Study and Admission Proceedings at the UCT11.09.2017
Scholarship Rules of the UCT11.06.2017
Code of Discipline for Students of the UCT22.05.2017

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