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10/Oct/2017 - 11/Oct/2017Organisation of the Academic YearPromoce absolventů bakalářského studiaMore →
10/Oct/2017 - 12/Oct/2017InvitationVŠCHT Praha na veletrhu Akadémia & Vapac BratislavaAEGON Aréna Bratislava, SlovenskoMore →
11/Oct/2017 - 11/Oct/201715:00 - 17:00SeminarPhD & Career Opportunities, Chalenges, Prospectsbuilding A, room 402, 4th floorMore →
13/Oct/2017 - 13/Oct/201715:00 - 16:00LectureSelf-association of highly charged bio-moleculesSeminar room B.4.29 (uppermost floor of the building B "Květák" of IOCB)More →
20/Oct/2017 - 20/Oct/20178:30 - 10:30InvitationWorkshop Praktický průvodce řešení projektů na VŠCHT PrahaBS2 (počítačová učebna), budova B VŠCHT Praha More →
20/Oct/2017 - 20/Oct/201715:00 - 16:00LectureGraphene oxide, its derivatives and inorganic analoguesConference room FCHI, A402 (4th floor, building A of UCT)More →
23/Oct/2017 - 23/Oct/201712:45 - 14:15InvitationManipulation of molecular machines and nanocars beyond Nobel prize and nanotechnologyLecture room AII, building AMore →
24/Oct/2017 - 24/Oct/201713:30 - 16:30SeminarAspects that can increase evaluation score of your project proposalHistorical library of UCT Prague, A 201, Technická 5, Prague 6 – Dejvice More →
24/Oct/2017 - 24/Oct/201714:00 - 17:00Academic CommunityMeeting of Academic Senatethe library of the Department od Water Technology and Environmental Engineering (B116)More →
27/Oct/2017 - 27/Oct/201715:00 - 16:00LectureOn the Nature and Reactivity of the Substrate/Dioxygen Bound Intermediate in Tyrosinase: QM/MM StudySeminar room B.4.29 (uppermost floor of the building B "Květák" of IOCB)More →
31/Oct/2017 - 3/Nov/2017InvitationVŠCHT Praha na Gaudeamu v BrněVýstaviště BrnoMore →
1/Nov/2017 - 1/Nov/201713:00 - 16:00InvitationInternational Day - Study Abroad Fair at UCT PragueRespirium (Building "B")More →
3/Nov/2017 - 3/Nov/201715:00 - 16:00LectureBeyond Video gaming: virtual reality and real-time molecular dynamics for (bio)chemistryConference room FCHI, A402 (4th floor, building A of UCT)More →
7/Nov/2017 - 10/Nov/2017Conference8th International Symposium on Recent Advances in Food AnalysisClarion Congress Hotel Prague, Czech RepublicMore →
8/Nov/2017 - 8/Nov/20179:00 - 15:15CareerOptická mikroskopie: Revoluce v rozlišeníNová budova ČVUT (Thákurova 9, Praha 6)More →
10/Nov/2017 - 10/Nov/201715:00 - 16:00LectureToward microscopic simulations of the cellular environmentSeminar room B.4.29 (uppermost floor of the building B "Květák" of IOCB)More →
24/Nov/2017 - 25/Nov/2017PopularizationDen otevřených dveříMore →
24/Nov/2017 - 24/Nov/201715:00 - 16:00LectureUpper Critical Solution Temperature (UCST)-type Thermoresponsive Polymers from Hydrogen-Bonding MonoConference room FCHI, A402 (4th floor, building A of UCT)More →
1/Dec/2017 - 1/Dec/201715:00 - 16:00LectureExperimental insight to the collapse of poly-N-isopropyl acrylamide in aqueous salt solutionsConference room FCHI, A402 (4th floor, building A of UCT)More →
8/Dec/2017 - 8/Dec/201715:00 - 16:00LectureRewiring, remodeling, recycling and genesis of mammalian genes by long terminal repeatsSeminar room B.4.29 (uppermost floor of the building B "Květák" of IOCB)More →
15/Dec/2017 - 15/Dec/201715:00 - 16:00LectureEffect of charged moieties in biological systems: membranes, proteins, and glycocalyxSeminar room B.4.29 (uppermost floor of the building B "Květák" of IOCB)More →
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