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Start of Study – First-year Students

Academic calendar

The Enrollment Day is held on Wednesday 7, 2022. Information about the Enrollment day and the documents required are to be found here. 

The academic year 2022/2023 begins on September 12, 2022, and ends on September 10, 2023.

The imatriculation ceremony of new students will take place on September 20, according to the instructions of the Dean's offices.

Structure of the academic year:

Winter semester

  • 19. 9. 2022 – 23. 12. 2022 instruction period
  • 2. 1. 2023 – 10. 2. 2023 examination period

The winter semester ends with the fulfillment of study obligations as of February 10, 2023.

Summer semester 

  • 13. 2. 2023 – 19. 5. 2023 instruction period
  • 22. 5. 2023 – 23. 6. 2023 examination period
  • 29. 8. 2023 – 9. 9. 2023 examination period 

The summer semester ends with the fulfillment of study obligations as of September 8, 2023.

Instruction hours:

8:00 – 8:50

14:00 – 14:50

9:00 – 9:50

15:00 – 15:50

10:00 – 10:50

16:00 – 16:50

11:00 – 11:50

17:00 – 17:50

12:00 – 12:50

18:00 – 18:50

13:00 – 13:50

19:00 – 19:50


Dean's offices

building floor room

Faculty of Chemical Technology

Vice-Dean – Ing. Ondřej Kundrát, Ph.D.

Pedagogical matters – Petra Kohoutová

A 1. floor B2413

Faculty of Environmental Technology

Vice-Dean – Ing. Jan Bindzar, Ph.D. Ing. 

Pedagogical matters – Šárka Dintarová

B 1. floor B2316

Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology

Vice-Dean – prof. Ing. Karel Melzoch, CSc.

Pedagogical matters – Dana Brzoňová

B 1. floor B2305

Faculty of Chemical Engineering

Vice-Dean - doc. Ing. Karel Řehák, CSc.

Pedagogical matters – Hana Svobodová

B 1. floor B2402


building floor room

Pedagogical Department of the Rectorate

B 2 B2406-B2412

Department of Inorganic Chemistry

A 2 210A

Department of Chemical Engineering

B 1 143D

Department of Mathematics 

C 2 208

Department of Computing and Control Engineering

A 3 330A

Department of Organic Chemistry

A 2 278A

Department of Physics and Measurements

B 2 218

Department of Environmental Chemistry

A 1 177

Department of Languages

B 3 339

Department of Physical Education and Sport

B 4 X37

    UCT Prague computer network login

    As a student of the UCT Prague, you get an account in the computer network of the UCT Prague, which will allow you to:

    • log in to the UCT computer network (computer study rooms, WiFi, network drives ...)
    • log in to the school's information systems (e.g., the Study Information System - SIS)
    • use the university e-mail address
    • get the Office 365 and other licenses for free

    User account activation

    You will get the username (login), and the initial password after logging in to the entrance exams results in the Study IS web interface, where they are displayed in the form of news.

    If this information is not displayed, contact your Dean's office or the technical support of the Computing Center -, tel. +420 220 443 100.

    You have to change the initial password before using it in other systems (such as the study system) - this will fully activate your account. Follow the instructions below:

    Enter the school e-mail via the web interface at (Attention https, not http).

    Fill in your username and initial password.

    A new page will now open where you can set your password.

    • Username: Fill in your username again
    • Current password: Fill in the initial password again
    • New password: According to your choice
    • Confirmation of the new password: And the same password again as insurance against typos.

    When choosing a new password, you must comply with the following requirements:

    • cannot be the same as your previous passwords
    • must not contain a username
    • must contain at least 12 characters from at least three of the following groups:
    • uppercase letters of the English alphabet (A-Z)
    • lowercase letters of the English alphabet (a-z)
    • numbers (0-9)
    • special characters like:! @ # $. , + - space, etc.
    • the password must not contain accents or other characters of national alphabets

    The password has a limited time validity - after a certain period, the UCT Prague systems will require a password change again. 

    You have now set a password to access the school's computer network and its information systems.

    Access to your e-mail box with the address in the form will work immediately. We recommend you to check this e-mail regularly. Official electronic communication between the user and the UCT Prague concerning study and work matters occurs only through the assigned school e-mail address. You can set up the forwarding of information to your personal e-mail.

    Study Information System (SIS)

    Login to the SIS is preceded by activating the user account (see login to the UCT Prague computer network). All SIS functions will be accessible only after the registration.

    All study information is available in the SIS at Login and password are the same as in the school computer network (You will not be able to login with the initial password!)

    Optional subjects and schedule registration

    For the winter semester, the optional subjects and schedule registration is held from September 8 to September 16 in the SIS under the "Subjects and schedule registration" icon.

    First-year students are already registered for seminars and lectures. Only in exceptional cases are the changes to subjects acceptable.

    Preliminary registration of optional-compulsory and compulsory subjects for the summer semester 2022/2023 will take place from November 16, 2022.

    Script shop and rental

    is located on the ground floor of the National Technical Library opposite Building A.

    Accommodation and canteens

    Students of UCT Prague are accommodated in the dormitories of SÚZ VŠCHT Sázava - Chemická (Ekonomická) 952 and Volha - K Verneráku 950, in Prague 4-Kunratice, 148 00. Accommodation is provided by the accommodation department of SÚZ UCT Prague.

    Telephone number: 220 447 111.


    Transport connections: by metro (line C) to Chodov station, then bus to Volha station.

    Students can eat in the canteen at the dormitories and in the canteens of the Czech Technical University in Dejvice.


    Puls health center is available for students staying at the dormitory in the Sázava dormitory, Prague 4, Chemická 952. For students not living in the dormitory, it is possible to register with a general practitioner of UCT Prague, building C, Studentská 6, Prague 6.


    A merit scholarship is awarded for good study results.  We also offer a wide range of accommodation, social and special-purpose scholarships (for details, see the UCT Prague Scholarship Regulations -

    General study principles

    The student's compulsory participation in the full-time form of study of the following subjects:

    • General and inorganic chemistry I – practice
    • Chemical and balance calculations
    • Mathematics A, B – practice
    • All laboratory classes
    • Physical education – practice

    The basic prerequisite for successful completion of the study is regular and active participation in lectures and seminars. The method of control, participation evaluation, and compensation for non-participation are determined by the Department Head and the Course Guarantor. For a student with an extraordinary study plan (hereinafter referred to as "ESP"), the Dean may decide otherwise on participation in the exercises and the Physical Education subject.

    Study obligations

    • Fulfillment of study obligations is bound to the continuity of study obligations. The requirement for continuity and continuity conditions are determined by the study program guarantor and the course guarantor.
    • The student has the right to two resits for study obligations ending with an exam. However, they must respect the terms announced by the department conducting the subject. The right to a resit expires if the student has not used the opportunity to pass the exam within regular terms. Determining the number of resits for study obligations ending with a credit or a classified credit is in the competence of the subject guarantor.
    • A student can register in the same study obligation a maximum of three times. In the case of a re-registered study obligation, the student has the same conditions for fulfilling it as during the previous registration.
    • The semester ends with fulfilling the study obligations prescribed by the study plan and obtaining the number of credits corresponding to at least thirty times the number of already completed semesters no later than the end of the examination period of the given semester.
    • To register in the next semester of the study program, the student must obtain at least 15 credits from compulsory and optional subjects in the previous semester.
    • To enroll in the next year of the study program, a student may lack a maximum of 15 credits out of the number of credits corresponding to thirty times the number of semesters already completed.
    • At the beginning of the semester, departments will publish the requirements for credits, classified credits, and exams, including the syllabus of subjects and running control conditions.
    • Students register/unregister for the exams via the Study Information System (SIS). If a student has failed to unregister from the examination for serious reasons, he/she may apologize directly to the examiner. Unexcused absence or unrecognized excuse for absence from the exam is assessed by the classification "F".
    • Test classification: "A" (excellent), "B" (very good), "C" (good), "D" (satisfactory), "E" (sufficient), "F" (insufficient). The examination classification or credit classification is published in the SIS by the examining teacher.

    Foreign Police Reporting Duty

    EU and Non-EU students Living in Residence Halls

    Registration of your stay in the Czech Republic at the Czech Foreign Police is not necessary if you are staying in the Volha or Sázava residence halls; the residence halls will register you automatically on your behalf.

    EU students in Private Residences

    If you are from the EU and will not live in Volha or Sázava, you are obliged to register at the Foreign Police office within 30 days of your arrival if your stay in the Czech Republic exceeds 30 days.

    Non-EU Students in Private Residences

    All non-EU students who do not live in Volha or Sázava must register at the Czech Foreign Police within three days after their arrival. This duty also applies to those visa students who are due to pick up their long-term or permanent residence permits in the Czech Republic.

    Registration of European Health Insurance Card 

    Students from an EU country need to register their national public health insurance (EHIC blue card) with a Czech health insurance company - VZP is recommended as the largest health care provider in the Czech Republic with the highest number of cooperating doctors. After showing the EHIC card or confirmation that substitutes the card, the health insurance company will immediately issue a registration document with a registration number with a Czech health insurance company. Later, if you need to see a doctor, take this document along with the EHIC card.

    Students from Turkey need to take to the VZP office the paper they have from their Health insurance provider in Turkey and register it as well.

    Registration can be done online. See the guideline and download the registration form.

    ⇓ Guideline

    ⇓ Registration form

    Bank Account

    Opening a Czech bank account is strongly recommended. It is easily arranged and free of charge. More information will be given to you on Enrollment Day.

    Public Transport Pass

    Under 26

    If you are under 26, you might qualify for a public transport student discount. The Department of International Relations will issue you two confirmations of your student status.

    If you have a buddy, they can pick up your confirmations before you arrive in Prague. Then you can arrange your travel pass directly after you arrive in Prague with your buddy's assistance.

    In addition to the confirmations, you will need a photograph and the respective amount of money. 

    26 and older

    If you are 26 and older, you will need to buy a public transportation pass for full price. A student discount is not available.

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