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Enrollment in Studies

If you have been accepted, you need to take one more step – officially enroll in the studies. Only on the day of the enrollment will you officially become a student of UCT Prague.


Before the Enrollment Day

Fill in Required Documents

At the bottom of this page, please find documents that we need you to print out, read, fill in, sign, and bring with you. You will hand them over to the admission officer on Enrollment Day.

  • Personal Information Policy – Read this document, fill it in, sign it and bring it on Enrollment Day
  • Initial Training – Safety and Health Protection – Read this document, fill it in, sign it and bring it on Enrollment Day
  • Regulations for Using Computers – Read this document, please
  • Statement About using the Computers – Read this document, fill it in, sign it and bring it on Enrollment Day
  • Password change – Read the document and start thinking about a password :)


Download the School App EMIL (Android | Apple)

EMIL is UCT university application specially developed for students. It has several features which will be helpful for you throughout the whole course of your studies. 
You can use EMIL especially for: 
  • Map of study rooms and laboratories (use it for finding the room where the Enrollment takes place)
  • Schedule of your classes 
  • Real-time notifications related to your studies (e.g. exam results, cancelation of classes...)
  • Menus in canteens
  • Contact details of professors and university staff 


Bachelor Degree Students: Decide on Sports Activities

During the first academic week, Bachelor degree students must register either for Physical Education or Sport Course. Check the offered options and decide in advance which of the options you prefer. 


  • A student must obtain 4 credits during 1.–5. semester
  • One obligatory credit can be substituted by a sports course lasting at least 6 days
  • It is possible to complete 2 credits in one semester (physical education + sports course)
  • To obtain credit, it is necessary to fulfill 75 % active attendance at the sports activity 

Find more information about the physical education and sports courses at the website of the Department of Physical Education and Sport.




If you would like a buddy to help you with your arrival, please fill in a form on the website of UCT Erasmus Student Network (ESN). The buddy system works for exchange students as well as for full-time students. 

We also recommend seeing the Honest Guide video on YT on How to get from the airport to the city by public transportation

The address of the university as well as the address of the dormitories and how to get there is to be found here.


Registration at the Foreign Police 

Those of you who will be accommodated in the dormitories right after your arrival, do NOT have to do the Registration at the Foreign Police, the dormitories will do the registration automatically for you.

Those staying elsewhere, except for a hotel (hotels do the registration automatically too), MUST visit the Foreign Police Office.

If staying in private accommodation, Non-EU nationals must register themselves at the Foreign Police within 3 working days after their arrival. EU nationals within 30 days. Not fulfilling this lawful requirement can lead to a fine of 3000 CZK (120 EUR)!

See the document Foreign Police Registration at the bottom of this page.

It is important to mention that the official language is Czech; the officers at the Foreign Police Office and at the Ministry of Interior are NOT obliged to speak English. Please bear that in mind and bring a Czech-speaking buddy with you!

You can register for a buddy on the website of UCT ESN. 


You also must visit the Foreign Police (EU nationals) / Ministry of Interior (Non-EU nationals) to report a change if you change the address during your stay!



Enrollment Day

On Enrollment Day, we will guide you through all administrative tasks in order to be successfully enrolled in the studies at UCT Prague.

Please note that your personal attendance on Enrollment Day is obligatory.

The Enrollment Day will be held on Wednesday 7, 2022. 


Vysoká škola chemicko-technologická v Praze (UCT Prague)
Technická 3, Prague 6 – Dejvice
Building B, room B22 (1st floor)

Schedule of the Enrollment Day:

  • 9:30 – Welcome and Introduction
  • 9:45 – Introduction Presentation
  • 10:20 – ESN Presentation
  • 10:35 – Tutors & Career and Counseling Center
  • 10:45 – Signing of documents & Other administrative tasks
  • 11:45–12:30 – Lunch break
  • 12:30 – Issuance of University cards & Passwords change & Campus tour

As it is going to be a busy day, we advise taking water and a small refreshment with you! The lunch break will only be sufficient for a quick lunch in the UCT canteen, there isn’t enough time to go for lunch outside of the campus.

Bring with you:

  • Pen
  • Passport
  • Original of the Medical Assessment Form
  • Cash of 250 CZK if you want to purchase an ISIC card (payment by card is not possible)
  • Water and small refreshments


University Card | ISIC 

On Enrollment Day, you will be taken to the UCT Card Center, where we will issue either a university card or ISIC (International Student Identity Card) for you. You can decide which card you want. The issuance of the university card is free, and the issuance of ISIC is for 250 CZK.

Both cards have the same functionality – you will use them to enter the university, and you can also have a student discount in university canteens. On top of that, ISIC holders can use number of discounts all over the world. ISIC is valid in over 130 countries, allowing access to more than 135.000 discount locations globally including thousands of discounts in the Czech Republic.

You can also use ISIC to claim your student discount for public transportation in the PID Lítačka app if you are under the age of 26. 

At the UCT Card center, we will ask you to show us your passport, and we will take a picture of you. Don't forget to smile! 


Study Confirmation for Public Transportation or Bank Account Opening 

On Enrollment Day, we can also issue a simple Study Confirmation for you, which you can then use in the Public Transportation office to claim your student discount, or in a bank to prove the purpose of your stay in the Czech Republic, when opening a bank account. 

Note that we strongly recommend opening a bank account in the Czech Republic, because you will need it if applying for a university scholarship!  


Tuition Fee Payment Information

On Enrollment Day, you will also receive an official document stating information for payment of the tuition fee. The tuition fee shall be paid within 90 days of receiving this document. 

You will find the payment information also in your Study Information System, and you can pay by scanning a QR code or online card payment. It is also possible to send the money via a bank transfer. 


Your personal presence on Enrollment Day is obligatory. If you cannot attend the Enrollment Day for a serious reason, you must contact the Department of International Relations, and upon request, you can attend an alternative Enrollment Day on September 12, 2022.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at UCT Prague soon!



First Week of the Academic Year

ORIENTATION WEEK (12.–18. 9. 2022)

From Monday, September 12, an orientation week is held by the Erasmus Student Network (ESN).

The orientation week is organized for Erasmus students as well as for degree-seeking students, thus you are sincerely welcome to join! There are Welcome party, Czech cultural evening, Prague discovery game, trips outside of Prague and many more prepared for you!

Further information will be provided by ESN – check your emails!


ORIENTATION COURSE – Tuesday, September 13, 9:00–13:00

You have an opportunity to join a 4-hours orientation course led by a non-profit organization funded by the Ministry of Interior that has the aim of making it easier for students to settle-in in the Czech Republic.

The orientation course will enable you to orientate yourselves quickly and in the best possible way in Czech society, obtain basic information, and get to know your rights and obligations. In the course, you will also learn about the basic values ​​of Czech society and its culture.


Course structure:

  • Residence legislation: Changes to residence permits. Differences and changes - visa/residence permit. Obligations of foreigners in the territory. Traveling within the EU/Schengen area. Invite your family/friends. Conditions for studying and working or starting a business. Changing school or leaving school and the relationship to residency legislation. Departures for holidays. Communication with institutions etc.
  • Employment: Work for students without a work permit. Student jobs. Taxes.
  • Education and training: Czech language courses.
  • Health and social insurance: Rights and obligations in the field of health and social insurance in the Czech Republic. Healthcare system in the Czech Republic, medical care. Crisis situations.


Studying at UCT

From the second week of the academic year, you shall attend your classes. You will find your schedule in the Study Information System and, on Enrollment Day, we will provide you with login information and we will teach you how to access it.

Click on the button below to learn the most important things you need to know before starting your studies at UCT Prague. 


Study Information



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Need Assistance?

Do you need someone Czech-speaking to accompany you to the Foreign Police or to the Ministry of Interior? 

Contact the non-profit organization Integrační Centrum, they are here to help you!  


Counselling Services

The Counselling and Career Center offers the services of a psychologist and legal and career counselors. There are also tutors to give you advice on your everyday problems and issues related to your studies.

Our policy is to deal with every query and help you as much as possible to find the right solution – if we don't have an expert for your query, then we are committed to finding one.


Personal Information Policy (Consent to the use of personal data)
Statement About using the Computers and Computer Network of the UCT Prague
Initial Training – Safety and Health Protection
Foreign Police Registration

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