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The Parc Awards Championing Rising Talent in Drug Research & Development

The Parc

PRAGUE – March 5th, 2019: The Parc (Pharmaceutical Applied Research Center) is marking its five-year anniversary by launching The Parc Awards at a ceremony held at Zentiva Headquarters in Prague on March 5th. The Parc is a unique research platform designed to benefit future generations of scientists.

“We are proud to be working alongside the next generation of scientists, giving them hands-on experience of drug development in action” commented Pavel Calta, PhD, Executive Director. “Launching The Parc Awards, which consists of two categories, will give participating students the recognition they deserve, and we hope many of them will continue to pursue careers in drug Research & Development.”

Initiated by Zentiva, The Parc was created in association with three academic partners: the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague; the Faculty of Science in Charles University; and is now joined by the Institute of Organic Chemistry and Biochemistry of the Czech Academy of Sciences. This highly successful initiative has brought rising talent together with leading pharmaceutical and academic experts, all working to accelerate innovation in drug Research & Development.

The Parc enables PhD students to gain industry work experience in solid-state chemistry, pharma technology, bio-pharmacy and clinical research. Collaborating with academic partners across Europe, The Parc also offers a mentorship program where students are supervised by top academic scientists, sharing expertise and carrying out day-to-day support. Currently, 25 PhD students are participating in this program. Since its creation, 8 students have graduated, 4 of which joined Zentiva. As for the remaining students, 2 have decided to pursue a career in academia, further expanding The Parc´s science network, and 2 are currently working in other pharmaceutical companies. 

We are extremely grateful to Zentiva for supporting The Parc and giving our graduate students and academics the opportunity to collaborate with industry experts to address the biggest challenges in healthcare. I would like to congratulate the awardees and wish them every success in their future professional careers” commented Prof. Ing. František Štěpánek, PhD.


For more information please contact:

Michal Janovský, 
Phone line: +420 220 444 159
Cell phone: +420 733 690 543

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