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UCT Prague to lead on a new project for boosting innovation and entrepreneurship through deep tech

EIT HEI Initiative

The University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague is happy to announce that it will be leading on a new deep tech project called Deep Tech Creativity, DETECT!

The project aims to connect HEIs strong in deep tech fields together with HEIs experienced in entrepreneurship-related schemes, as well as industry partners and third sector organisations with the following vision until 2030:

Creation of integral innovation ecosystem: Connecting with innovation engines in the deep tech sector in three layers: within the university and its region; among the consortium and with the broader European context through the EIT KICs.

One-stop-source for innovation in the deep tech sector: Embedding systemisation of all innovation support services, training and mentoring programmes and also fostering clear cooperation between key units and partners inside and outside of academia.

The project will receive funding from the EIT’s HEI Initiative: Innovation Capacity Building for Higher Education. This initiative of the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) aims to boost the entrepreneurial and innovation capacity of higher education institutions (HEIs) across Europe through the integration of deep tech activities.

As part of this project, we will be working together with the following partners of the consortium of DETECT!:

  • Poznań University of Life Sciences, Poland;
  • Slovak University of Agriculture, Nitra, Slovakia;
  • National University of Shipbuilding, Mykolaiv, Ukraine;
  • University of Vienna, Austria

and by partners from the other side of the Knowledge Triangle, Maker Institute and Technology Innovation Centre Zlín, both in Czechia, and the associated partners, Humboldt Innovation GmbH, Germany; INiTS – Vienna’s HighTech Incubator, Austria; and Bar-Ilan University, Israel.

Under the EIT’s HEI Initiative, the project will receive funding of € 349 000, and it will run until December 2023, with the possibility of getting extended for 6 more months.

Stay tuned for more information about this project in the coming months!

About the EIT’s HEI Initiative

The EIT’s HEI Initiative is a key objective for the European Institute of Innovation and Technology as part of its new strategy. The initiative aims to support HEIs with expertise and coaching, access to the EIT innovation ecosystem, the largest in Europe, and funding, enabling them to develop innovation action plans complementing the needs of individual HEIs. This is the EIT HEI Initiative’s third call for proposals and its first call with a special focus on deep tech. So far, the initiative has provided funding to over 60 projects. The next call for proposals is expected towards the end of 2023.

About the EIT

The EIT strengthens Europe’s ability to innovate by powering solutions to pressing global challenges and by nurturing entrepreneurial talent to create sustainable growth and skilled jobs in Europe. The EIT is an EU body and an integral part of Horizon Europe, the EU Framework Programme for Research and Innovation. The Institute supports dynamic pan-European partnerships, EIT Knowledge and Innovation Communities, among leading companies, research labs and universities.

About UCT Prague  

The University of Chemistry and Technology Prague (UCT Prague) is a natural center of study and cutting-edge research. One of the largest educational and research institutions in Central Europe, it specializes in technical chemistry, chemical and biochemical technologies, material and chemical engineering, food chemistry, and environmental studies. Remarkably, of the more than 4,000 students at the school, 700 are enrolled in PhD programs on average. Some of the study programs on offer at UCT are unique in the Czech Republic and are key to the future of the entire country. The school collaborates with more than 100 academic institutions, namely within Europe but also in the USA, Canada, Japan, Vietnam, and elsewhere.

Contact: Michal Janovský, spokesman, telephone: +420 733 690 543, e-mail:

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