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The student Internal Grant Competition - IGRA@UCTP is an integral part of the “Internal Grants Reinforcing Activities for Doctoral Study Programmes at UCTP“ Project (IGRA@UCTP; Officially in Czech: Činnosti k podpoře interních grantů pro doktorské studijní programy na VŠCHT Praha, awarded to UCT Prague within the Call OP VVV 02_19_073 Zvyšování kvality interních grantových schémat na VŠ (Enhancement of quality of internal grant schemes at higher education institutions) under the registration number.

The aim of the entire IGRA@UCTP project is to create an effective competition scheme for granting the support to the students’ projects and an up-to-date environment enhancing the readiness of the applicants and team members eligible for the support for research projects.

The purpose and main objective of the implementation of the IGRA@UCTP project is to verify the importance and impacts of the novel features in the grant competition scheme of UCT Prague. The following form significant and integral parts of the project:

  • Strengthening and development of transferable competences and skills of PhD students participating in the competition through learning and training activities envisaged for the applicants, and, after the competition, for (namely but not exclusively) successful project members as well as academics and administrative staff.
  • Use of two reviewers of the project proposal with participation of external experts and alignment of the evaluation process within the competition, i.e. “calibration” of the evaluators.
  • Within the student Internal Grant Competition - IGRA@UCTP, to provide a 20 months long support to the students’ projects, with the aim to foster excellent fundamental research activities in the areas the doctoral study programmes at UCT Prague are developed in (ideally with an accent on inter-disciplinary research), and to assess the benefits of the activities stated in the preceding points in terms of quality of the internal grant competition.


The directive A/S/961/2/2020 – Principles of Internal Grant Competition of UCT Prague IGRA@UCTP (see this page below) sets forth the principles of the competition, and its accompanying documents clarify the rules of the evaluation applied within the competition. 

The opening of the competition will be announced in a decree issued by the Rector of UCT Prague.

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Updated: 9.12.2020 16:57, Author: Jan Kříž

A/V/961/26/2020 (EN)Announcement of Internal Grant Competition of UCT Prague - IGRA@UCTP11.12.202030.06.2023
A/S/961/2/2020 (EN)Principles of Internal Grant Competition of UCT Prague - IGRA (including Amendment No. 1)01.02.2021

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