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Scientific project (VIGA)


Mgr. Veronika Popová, phone line 3806, e-mail: 
Ing. Iveta Pospíšilová, phone line 3232, e-mail:

Provision and use of Financial Support, the Dedication of the Project outcomes, Rights and obligations - please read the translation of

AGREEMENT on the terms and conditions of the use of financial support for a research student scientific project accepted for realization by the grant agency of UCT Prague

Rules for the use of funds of iga student scientific project

Updated: 3.4.2020 14:03, Author: Veronika Popová

A/V/961/19/2019 (EN)Announcement of an internal grant competition at UCT Prague for the year 2020/202101.12.201931.03.2021
A/V/961/21/2018 (EN)Announcement of an internal grant competition at UCT Prague for the year 2019/202001.01.201931.03.2020
A/N/961/2/2019 (EN)Principles of Student Grant Competitions to support projects of specific university research at the UCT Prague24.10.2019
A/N/961/1/2019 (EN)Grant Regulations of the UCT Prague24.10.2019
VIGA agreement (EN)Example of agreement signed by Investigator and UCT Prague09.03.2020

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