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Social project (SIGA)

You will be able to submit Siga projects from 1 December 2022 via


Do you have an idea for a cultural, sports, educational or social activity that would be interesting for other students of the University of Applied Sciences in Prague? The Social Internal Agency of UCT Prague (SIGA) enables students to receive financial support for these activities.

The Chemists' Ball, Orchestra, ChemChor, UniArt, Orienteering Run, Labyrinth at School or the Institute of Board and Card Games started as a social grant. All of these activities have a firm place in the school and have significantly outgrown the small grant competition.

Don't be afraid to be original! A few examples for all:

Remember that your ideas don't just have to bring the experience of a social event, the "social" dimension is broader. One area that is sometimes a bit neglected is sharing academic values, for example. These are undoubtedly social and one of the pillars of European culture. They could be developed, for example, in the form of talks or a purely student periodical. Furthermore, amateur film or comedy shows certainly have the same space as theatre and do not require a live audience. Or charity and volunteer activities. There are also so-called e-sports, tournaments in online games of all types.

Updated: 28.11.2022 10:05, Author: Jan Kříž

Contact person

Ing. Petra Karnetová, Ph.D. 
Department of Comunication
phone line: 220 44 4459
cell phone: 739 249 128


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