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Metrological and testing laboratory

Metrological and Testing Laboratory UCT Prague, was established in August 2000 at the Department of Food Analysis and Nutrition in collaboration between Faculty of Food and Biochemical Technology and Faculty of Chemical Engineering, Department of Analytical Chemistry.

Laboratory is accredited according to the International standard EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018 by the official national accreditation body - Czech Accreditation Institute, signatory of the ILAC-MRA.

Laboratory provides:

  • Testing of food, incl. beverages, oils, food supplements, and baby food, herbs, agriculture products, feedstuffs, FCM, environmental samples, drinking water, biological samples, addictive drugs, forensic samples.
  • analysis of pesticide residues and their metabolites, mycotoxins, organic contaminants (inc. chlorinated, brominated and perfluorinated compounds, acrylamide, 3-MCPD and glycidylesters, alkaloids (opium, tropane, pyrrolizidine, ergot, glycoalkaloids etc.), cannabinoids (THC, CBD, HHC,...), vitamins, biologically active compounds, etc.
  • Development, validation and implementation of analytical methods and detection techniques within above mentioned field,
  • Organization and interpretation of interlaboratory studies,
  • Participation in the international co-operation in the development and standardization of analytical methods (colaboration with EU reference laboratories, etc.),
  • Research and development in chemical metrology - measurement techniques, reference materials, uncertainties of measurement results,
  • Forensic analysis, expertise, European legislation and technical standards.
  • Education and laboratory training.

List of accredited activities conducted under the flexible scope.

 The Laboratory experts are qualified to provide scientific opinions and to interpret test results (e.g. compliance with European legislation and technical standards). The accredited testing Laboratory has a flexible scope of accreditation, i.e. the laboratory can modify their test methods and/or extend the range of tested parameters.  


Prof. Jana Hajšlová, Ph.D., Head of Laboratory,, phone +420 224 314 096; +420 220 443 185; mob. +420 602 833 424 
Mgr. Jana Kohoutková, Ph.D.;  phone +420 220  443 184
Mgr. Martina Vlčková,, phone  +420 220 443 180

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