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Coronavirus - updated 15th of October

COVID-19 graphic: CDC - Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

Please kindly guide your attention to a new measures by UCT Prague’s Rector, the purpose of which is to define and specify the organizational rules binding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • Employees:  work in your university workplaces only in necessary cases and use this opportunity to work from home (of course, in agreement with your supervisor, who is in charge of ensuring basic operation of his or her entrusted organizational unit). Regardless of your place of work, please use electronic and telephone forms of communication as much as possible, including scanning of invoices, orders, and other documents. Regarding the in-person work-related meetings outside your workplace, please hold them only in the most urgent cases and by prior arrangement with the other party.
  • Concerning dormitories, all international students (including Slovaks) are able to stay at university dormitories. New government regulation affects only Czechs).
  • The Czech government Resolution No. 997 with effect starting 12 October 2020, at midnight orders an extraordinary measure consisting of a ban on the personal presence of students at all classes during university studies. There is NO exemption for Laboratory courses. There will be only distance learning until 25 October.
  • Tha ban apply to working on theses as well as any individual in-person education. Only employees will be allowed into the buildings.
  • Any person that tests positive for COVID-19 must inform head of group, laboratory or their superior about this fact without unnecessary delay in order for the latter to be able to organize in cooperation with a university GP and the relevant hygiene station an epidemiological investigation or take other prevention measures to mitigate the impacts of this situation on the operation of the university.
  • Owners of phones with Android and iPhone operating systems, please consider installing the eRouška 2.0 application.


We highlight the most important measures below. You can find the translation of the full decree  on the bottom of this webpage now. It is necessary to acquaint yourselves with the decree in its entirety.

Selection of measures (highlights):

edited on 18 September, to be in line with city regulation

In all enclosed areas at the university, the wearing of masks or other face and nose coverings is mandatory. This does not apply to employees working in their own offices or to those consuming food and beverages in university catering facilities.

Neither students nor instructors may attend in-person lectures or hybrid courses if they have symptoms of infectious diseases or if they know they have been in close contact (within the last 15 minutes) of someone waiting for the results of a COVID-19 test. In the case that a student exhibits any symptoms of COVID-19 while attending class in-person, an instructor is required to remove the student and instruct them to leave the university premises immediately.

In-person laboraty courses will NOT take place from Monday 12 to (at least) Friday 23 October.

Lectures and non-laboratory clases must be provided in the form of pre-recorded instructional videos or online lectures

Instructors are required to record attendance for in-person laboratory courses, minimally an attendance list of students in a class (including day, time). We recommend recording the locations of where students were working in the laboratory.

University employees and students are required to follow current information and instruction bulletins published online at and via the UCT Prague “EMIL” application (



Updated: 15.10.2020 16:18, Author: Jan Kříž

B/O/963/03/2020 (EN)Documentation for Covid-19 contact tracing14.09.2020
A/V/961/21/2020 (EN)Organization of instruction and mass gatherings in the winter semester of the 2020/21 academic year in connection with COVID-1908.09.202031.12.2020

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