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Coronavirus - updated 11th of September

COVID-19 graphic: CDC - Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

Please kindly guide your attention to a new measures by UCT Prague’s Rector, the purpose of which is to define and specify the organizational rules binding during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Current covid-19 restrictions

With the Winter Semester, the new 2021/2022 UCT Prague Academic Year is starting on Monday, September 13, so we would like to remind you about the current COVID-19 restrictions.

1) Instruction will take place in-person.

2) Wearing respirators without an exhalation valve and with a filtration efficiency of at least 94% according to the relevant standards (or a similar device meeting these technical conditions and requirements) is mandatory in public indoor areas, auditoriums, and classrooms at UCT Prague. Wearing respirators does not apply to lecturers if a safe distance from students is possible in auditoriums, and, in selected laboratories, for work safety reasons as well as during physical education instruction. The obligation to use respirators during laboratory instruction will be regulated by laboratory guarantors. During exams, if a distance of at least 1.5 m is maintained, there is no obligation to use respirators.

3) “Vaccinated, tested, recovered,” (VTR; “OTN” in Czech) regimes will not be required in common areas, auditoriums, or classrooms, but you must wear respirators in these areas and not to enter UCT Prague buildings if you have symptoms of respiratory disease. VTR regimes will be required for admission to laboratory instruction for the first two teaching weeks of the semester. After this period, VTR regimes will be replaced by measuring individual’s temperatures at the entrance to laboratories (additional information for instructors and heads of departments - thermometers will be provided by the Rector’s Office).

4) Each time when you enter practical training sessions and laboratories, you must sign the attendance lists due to possible contact tracing later.

5) UCT Prague closed its own test site for students and employees in June 2021 and does not currently plan to reopen it.

Of course, the above regulations may change over time depending on the status of the epidemic and regulations provided by the national government, its ministries, or the health department.

Returns from abroad

Measures of the Rector of UCT Prague valid from 9 July 2021 – implementation of the protective measure of the Ministry of Health (MZDR 20599/2020-96/MIN/KAN) at UCT Prague.

All employees and students who are subject to the obligation to undergo a SARS-CoV-2 test before entering or after entering the Czech Republic after returning from abroad have:

  1. the obligation to inform about travel exceeding 12 hours in the last 14 days (or 24 hours in the case of neighbouring countries);
  2. the obligation to provide proof of submitting of Entry form and proof of a negative SARS-CoV-2 test from a health service provider; antigenic no older than 48 hours or PCR no older than 72 hours.
  3. the obligation to inform the employer of the isolation in the event of isolation and to comply fully with the isolation.

Employees are required to fulfill the above obligations upon arrival at the workplace in relation to their supervisor, students to their teacher. Without documentation of a negative test, attendance at the workplace or at a class or exam is not possible.

When arriving from countries with a low or medium risk of COVID-19, the employee may be present at the workplace until the result of the test is available, but must use the prescribed respiratory protective equipment in all areas of UCT Prague until the result is available.

Points 1, 2 and 3 do not apply to persons who have been in the territory of countries on the list of countries with low, medium, high or very high risk of COVID-19 and when entering the buildings of the UCT Prague:

  1. are able to provide proof of a national certificate of vaccination against COVID-19 where more than 14 days have elapsed since the final dose of vaccine;
  2. have had COVID-19 disease and at least 11 days but not more than 180 days have elapsed since the first positive result of the RT-PCR test for SARS-CoV-2.

Employees who plan to travel to countries with a high or very high risk of infection are obliged to inform their supervisor of this fact prior to the start of the trip, due to the mandatory isolation upon return to Czechia.

Employees who have taken regular leave in Czechia can document this fact by means of the Declaration of Leave Taken, which is available in the OKbase web client reports.

A list of countries and their risk ranking is available on the Ministry of foreign affair website.

COVID-19 testing at UCT

In case you need to be tested for COVID19 in connection with your work or study duties, it is possible to do so by appointment at the office of a General practioner at UCT Prague. Testing is done by antigen tests and there is no charge for the test, provided that the person tested has not undergone an antigen test in a clinic or other testing site within the last 7 days.

Outdated information
Only a person (student or employee) who meets the following conditions can be tested:
  • They have not been tested during the previous 6 calendar days, at the UCT or any other testing site
  • They are not a so-called non-infectious person, i. e.
    • 180 days have not elapsed since a positive test for COVID 19
    • The person was vaccinated with the first dose and more than 22 days and less than 90 days have passed
    • The person was vaccinated with the second dose and 9 months had not elapsed since the first dose
  • The test person shows no signs of disease


At the UCT, students and staff can be tested on the eighth day after the last test performed "free of charge" (either at the UCT or at another provider of tests paid for from public budgets). In practice, this means that those who were tested on Tuesday can be re-tested no earlier than the next week on Tuesday.

At the same time, it is obligatory for the person concerned to have a valid test for entering the building at most 7 days old (unless he / she is subject to exceptions due to vaccination or undergoing covid19). In practice, this means that those who were tested on Tuesday must be tested no later than the following Tuesday, in the morning, immediately upon entering the UCT building. 

Student testing for COVID-19

Students who need a test to enter the university due to exams (written exams, state exams, etc.) have the opportunity to test once a week at the UCT testing centre (BI auditorium), after booking a date via the Student Information System, SIS (“Examination terms – Register – Non-study events” - see How to register). Students must bring a printed and signed consent to testing (the form is available for download in the SIS) and international students should also bring a photocopy of their insurance card.

In order to attend mandatory, prearranged laboratory instruction, students will be assigned a testing time according to the list of students registered for instruction in the SIS (= the student does not need to register anywhere). All enrolled students will be reported to the testing centre by the pedagogical department and all students will be sent an informational email containing current rules for testing. Student can decide whether or not to be tested at the UCT Prague testing centre.

Every student entering the university buildings must have a valid test not older than 7 days

UCT Prague Testing Centre Opening hours

Valid until the end of June


7:00 – 13:00


7:30 – 10:00


7:30 – 10:00 (only for employees)


7:30 – 10:00 (only for employees)


7:30 – 10:00 


Older information

  • Employees:  Regardless of your place of work, please use electronic and telephone forms of communication as much as possible, including scanning of invoices, orders, and other documents. Regarding the in-person work-related meetings outside your workplace, please hold them only in the most urgent cases and by prior arrangement with the other party.
    • Any person that tests positive for COVID-19 must inform head of group, laboratory or their superior about this fact without unnecessary delay in order for the latter to be able to organize in cooperation with a university GP and the relevant hygiene station an epidemiological investigation or take other prevention measures to mitigate the impacts of this situation on the operation of the university.



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