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Archive - coronavirus


This is archive webpage. Currently valid information can be found at


Information as of 5th of May 2020

Returners from the areas of COVID-19 outbreak shall immediately contact medical doctor by phone.


Summary of Information

Starting March 11 and until further notice, UCT Prague is cancelling all forms of in-person teaching of students at all levels of study. Distance forms of education are available using tools such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, and so on.

Students are to be contacted by their teachers by Friday (March 13) with information regarding how their classes will be conducted at a distance. Please refrain from asking unnecessary questions until contacted; you will be informed once information is made available by your teachers.

Laboratory classes are cancelled for students until further notice. You will be informed in a timely manner about further developments regarding labs.

As of 27 April the personal presence of students at UCT Prague is allowed, but only for specific purposes

Starting 11 May 2020, the Government of the Czech Republic is allowing students to meet while studying at university campuses with the condition that no more than 15 students can meet in a group. At UCT Prague, we are recommending the continuation of distance education formats and, starting 11 May, will allow classes limited to 15 students, mainly for laboratory teaching. The previous hygienic and organizational measures in force since 27 April 2020 still apply, with the exception of the maximum number of people in a group.

The Rector’s Decision dated March 10, 2020, recommends that UCT Employees should work from home after proper agreement with and consent of their direct supervisors. The managers of individual workplaces are responsible for ensuring basic operation of workplaces so that they do not suffer any damage. Employees are obliged to follow the instructions of managers.

Heads of departments and other executives have the right to convene in-person meetings of groups of employees to deal with important matters in which a delay would pose a risk to ensuring current and future operation of the university or workplace. This is necessary to maintain the functioning of university governance and to ensure communication between the university and the state and municipal authorities.

UCT Prague dormitories are continuing to operate with increased hygienic regimes. We suggest that students from the Czech Republic move to their place of residence while classes are not being held on campus.

Continuing Education (University of the Third Age)
Teaching at the University of the Third Age (U3V) is cancelled until further notice.

Public Events Organized by UCT Prague
For the time being, all public events are also cancelled or postponed.

Rector's decision and other currently valid information

E-mail from rector to students (24th of March)

Dear students and colleagues,

I would like to address you “en masse” regarding yesterday’s directive from the Government of the Czech Republic and the subsequent steps outlined by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports.

I am pleased to announce, though with a great deal of caution, that:

Effective starting 27 April 2020, the personal presence of students at UCT Prague is allowed, but only for specific purposes:

  • Consultation or testing with a maximum of five (5) people together at one time,
  • Lab activities, research, or artistic work, especially for the completion of final theses for Bachelor, Master, and Doctoral study programmes (maximum 5 people together at one time),
  • Individual visits to libraries and study rooms in order to pick up or return literature relevant to coursework or research
  • Practical, “hands-on” teaching, and individual research activities.


The continuation of the release regime, therefore, applies to all students (regardless of level of study) for the above activities while maintaining the limitations regarding the number of persons present at one time and other safety measures.

Please keep in mind that the virus is still here with us and probably will be for a very long time.

I, therefore, ask you to comply with the following measures:

1.) Students (including doctoral students) should be on campus only when necessary in clearly defined spaces.

2.) Hygienic measures: disinfection, masks, and so on—plus keeping records of persons who meet as well as their mutual contacts, for possible tracing later—must be carefully followed by both students and all employees. Daily processing of these records is required for each room visited by students and doctoral students.

3.) Corridors and other common areas are not intended for gathering; they only serve to facilitate necessary movement.

4.) I still recommend “home office” for anyone at risk (i.e. those who are older and/or who are suffering from long-term illnesses such as diabetes, cancer [current or past], cardiovascular disease, an so on).

5.) “Hands-on,” individual mentoring/experimental work and conducting research activities for fulfilment of dissertation requirements are allowed for all doctoral students with the condition that the activities fulfil all the above regulations and provided that students conduct this work in designated laboratories in order to perform necessary activities in agreement with their supervisor/mentor. I recommend processing data, writing text, and so on should be conducted individually and not on campus.

6.) According to an agreement with the guarantors of subjects and heads of workplaces, practical project and laboratory teaching for groups of up to 5 people is possible. This will enable Master students to perform laboratory tasks in pairs, triplets, or a maximum of four students under the guidance of one instructor. In exceptional cases (subject to all the above regulations), this may also apply to Bachelor students.

7.) Instructors can organize pre-arranged consultations for up to 5 pre-registered persons to supplement their distance coursework in compliance with all other regulations (hygienic measures, attendance records, etc.).

8.) Students can be examined similarly, in groups with a maximum of 5 people.

9.) The recommendation to use remote forms of communication both for teaching and for verifying knowledge/examinations is still valid. The current legal regulation allows distance methods to be used for conducting and performing state examinations prescribed at the end of a study programme and for defense of a dissertation, if the minimal condition of distance participation by members of the examination commission for any state examination is met. Also, examinations and other study obligations and requirements that students must fulfil within their study programs can still be fulfilled and verified remotely during the crisis period, when a student’s physical presence or the presence of members of the academic community is restricted due to the crisis measures.

10.) Students coming recently from abroad who do not have a doctor in the Czech Republic must contact the Hygiene Station of the Capital City of Prague by phone (773 782 850 or 773 782 856) and they will decide if the student will be subject to 14-day quarantine or if they have a valid negative COVID-19 test certificate. After 14 days of quarantine, the locally competent branch of the Hygiene Station for the Prague 6 district (tel. 235 365 828) will arrange tests for COVID-19 and subsequently provide a decision about the termination of quarantine. All who have been ordered to quarantine must comply with the established conditions.

I greet you all and am glad that these government measures have been taken, but I ask everyone to take the utmost caution in order to protect the health of us all.

I wish you all good health and successful management of the current situation.

Pavel Matějka

E-mail from rector to students (10th of March)

Dear students,

In connection with the extraordinary and volatile situation we kindly ask you to be patient when it comes to information concerning courses at UCT until the ban on contact instruction is lifted.

All teachers have been instructed to contact you before the end of the week to inform you about how the courses in which you are enrolled will continue. It makes no sense to write them with questions right now, so please wait until further notice from your teachers.

Students will be excused from laboratory classes planned for this week. We will inform you about further developments concerning these classes in the future.

University dormitories remain in operation.

For general information regarding the situation at UCT, please check the UCT website, social media or your UCT email address. If you are still unsure what to do, you can contact us on, or by telephone on +420733690543.

Pavel Matějka
Rector, UCT Prague

E-mail from rector (10th of March)

Dear colleagues,

Following the emergency measure announced by the minister of health of the Czech Republic prohibiting the presence of students at universities as of 11 March 2020, I have decided on the following arrangements:

  1. As of 11 March until appealed all forms of contact instruction of students at all levels of study are cancelled.
  2. Online instruction is possible using apps such as Skype, Teams, etc.
  3. Employees of UCT Prague are recommended to work from home, provided they have duly discussed the matter with their direct supervisor and secured their approval. Heads of individual departments are required to ensure basic operation of their departments in order to avoid any damage. I ask the staff to follow the instructions of their supervisors.
  4. Heads of departments and other managers have the right to convene meetings of a group of persons in order to deal with important matters, the postponement of which might pose a risk for the current and future operation of the university or the department. It is necessary to ensure the continued operation of UCT bodies and communication between the university and the state and municipal authorities.

Thank you for your understanding and please remember to carefully monitor all electronic communication within UCT and on a nationwide level.

Pavel Matějka
Rector, UCT Prague

Older, still valid information

In accordance with the official guideline issued by the director of the Office of Hygiene of the Capital City of Prague, we appeal to those of you who have recently returned from the areas of coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak (the contaminated areas of Italy, South Korea, China, Iran…) NOT TO GO to see a doctor, but to call the Emergency Line of the Capital City of Prague, 733 673 900.

The degree No. A/V/961/8/2020 - Anti-Epidemic Measures at UCT Prague to Mitigate the Risk of Infection with Coronavirus SARS-CoV-2

Important parts:

  • The Decree applies to students and employees at UCT Prague and regulates extraordinary measures in case of danger of an epidemic outbreak upon return from areas with expected community spread of the Covid-19 infection (list of areas in German language, updated information from WHO, map in English). Up-to-date information about the Covid-19 epidemics published by the Ministry of Health of the Czech Republic can be found on Czech website of the ministry.
  • Employees or students who arrive from a Covid-19 area of risk will inform the territorially responsible office of the Hygiene Station that decides on the scope of anti-epidemic measures based on the assessment of the type of stay in the  Covid-19 area of risk. At the same time, such employees or students will report their return using electronic communication at and employees will also inform about this fact their direct superior using electronic communication or by phone.
  • Until a decision is taken by the Hygiene Station, employees and students who have arrived from a Covid-19 area of risk must not attend lessons at UCT Prague, in particular enter areas designated for instruction and study at UCT Prague, libraries and restaurants at UCT Prague or work at departments at UCT Prague.
  • If the Hygiene Station decides that the employee’s or student’s stay at the Covid-19 area of risk entailed a certain level of risk, the employee or student will report this fact using electronic communication at and employees will also inform their direct superior using electronic communication or by phone and for a period of 14 days upon their arrival from the Covid-19 area of risk, i.e. for the period of quarantine, they are prohibited from participating at lessons at UCT Prague or working at UCT departments.

There is also degree No. A/V/961/7/2020 issued few days ago.

Updated: 9.9.2020 11:33, Author: Jan Kříž

A/V/961/15/2020 (EN)In-person presence of students in the final year of studies when measures in connection with COVID-19 are in place11.05.2020
A/V/961/8/2020 (EN)Anti-Epidemic Measures at UCT Prague to Mitigate the Risk of Infection with Coronavirus SARS-CoV-204.03.2020
A/V/961/7/2020 (EN)Extraordinary Anti-Epidemic Measures at UCT Prague12.02.2020

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