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Prof. Aleš Procházka


Prof. Aleš Procházka graduated from Czech Technical University in the field of Technical Cybernetics, and then he joined UCT Prague where he remained for his entire professional life, for more than 50 years.

During this period, prof. Procházka contributed significantly to the UCT development.

In 1997-2003, 2008-12, he was the head of the Department of Computer and Control Technology.

In the years 1997-2010, he was also the vice-dean for external relations and information technology,

Currently, prof. Procházka is the head of the research group on Computational intelligence and digital signal processing. He is the author of over 300 journal articles and educational material.

Prof. Procházka significantly influenced the teaching and application of computational methods in many areas at UCT Prague. His activity resulted in the introduction of uniform teaching of Programming and computer methods and the implementation of Matlab system in teaching computational methods and signal processing

Besides his educational and scientific activities, a significant part of the life of prof. Procházka is his effort to develop the professional and cultural cooperation of UCT Prague with important national and foreign universities. Apart from being a chairman of several prestigious international conferences, he strongly supported cultural activities, including, among others, organizing of the Cambridge Philharmonics concert in the Bethlehem Chapel and Rudolfinum.

He is an honoured, distinctive personality of UCT Prague, and that is why, he is today awarded the Emil Votoček medal for excellent teaching and scientific activities and for an extraordinary personal contribution to strengthening the name of UCT Prague abroad.

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